Why is Teacup pig an Ideal Pet?

Teacup pigs are micro pigs having a great popularity among people. It is the center of attraction due to the craze among celebrities. You will have a great experience in keeping them in your house. They are termed as teacup pigs because the newborn babies are of the size of a large teacup and grow big in approximately three years. They grow maximum 16 inches in height and 70 lbs in weight.

Teacup pigs are ideal pets because:

  • They bond well with the owners and get friends very soon.
  • They are able to learn things very fast due to high intelligence. You can teach them various tricks with ease.
  • Nano pigs are clean and learn toilet training within a very short duration.
  • Micro pigs are very loyal and social.
  • They can have good bonding with other pets (dogs and cats).
  • They can’t get prone to insects and pests.
  • They have hair on the skin and not fur to get allergens.

What should be important considerations before purchasing micro pig?

  • Teacup pigs take everything in their mouth and you need to be very careful about it. These pigs can even open cupboards or shelves.
  • They can’t live alone and require their companions. Hence, you have to keep them in pairs or give your precious time to them to keep them joyous and active.
  • You can leave them to care centers when you are away for a holiday and they will adjust to every environment very easily.
  • You can find a vet for the pig to take care of their health and keep a track of their vaccinations.
  • Your local laws should be very clear for keeping animals to make sure that there are no issues with regard to keeping them in your apartment or home.
  • Make full research and get your pet from the most reputed broker in your city.